The profitability of retail chain facilities is directly linked to the efficiency of their IT infrastructure and devices.

We take care of passive and active IT infrastructure elements as well as devices including servers, computers, printers, mobile devices and other peripherals. We supply, integrate and maintain IT infrastructure, implement and maintain warehouse systems and POS (including fiscal and weighing equipment) and offer tele-technical and low voltage installations. We additionally provide and maintain computer equipment, network solutions and applications. We run diagnostics and repair devices of various manufacturers. We provide logistics and warehousing services, including stock maintenance of service components and replacement equipment.

3 400

Tickets monthly

90 000

Devices we maintain

  • 01

    A wide-reach network of IT specialists - technicians and engineers

  • 02

    Fast reactions, 24/7 support and help-desk

  • 03

    Comprehensive approach to managing the entire process - from incident notification to the final settlement

  • 04

    Managing the service via a dedicated IT system - ongoing monitoring, effective communication and secure access to full information supporting your business

  • 05

    ITIL good practices