Brinc ScaleUp round #1

Brinc ScaleUp, of which we are a partner, is an acceleration program aimed at supporting young, innovative companies in the area of Internet of Things and Connected Hardware.

Five start-ups have been selected from over 200 applications to the program.Since April 8, they’ve hold a series of workshops, meetings with mentors and investors to make their vision real and transform it into reality, also with our help.


BREN– a Turkish start-up, which has developed a device for generating electric current from waste heat, which is generated by all cooling devices or simply by warm/hot surfaces.In addition, they also generate current from the vibrations of these devices, which makes it the only company in the world that has such technology.


Avrio Energy– a team from India, thanks to which measuring the energy consumption of individual devices in the electric circuit will not require separate meters.This will happen thanks to the measurement of energy consumption several thousand times per second and advanced algorithms created by Avrio.


Kozhya– a team that develops an innovative method of applying cosmetics for skin care with the help of a special device that allows for the same effect at home, as during the treatment at the beauty salon.


uFraction8– a Scottish-Polish start-up, which wants to revolutionize the market for biological separation of cells: filtration, separation and drainage.This is important, for example, in industries such as brewing and wastewater treatment.


3D Bistro– their mission is to create a 3D printer with multiple performance using the SLS printing technology.


In a short video report, we reveal what the Brinc headquarters looks like and what happens behind the scenes of this process:

Start-ups have already returned from Hong Kong and Shenzhen, where they had a chance to get a close look at the production process and what the advantages and disadvantages of mass production in China are. A report from this trip will be prepared soon.