RFID – the Future of the Retail Industry

RFID – the Future of the Retail Industry

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) allows retailers to meet the most important of consumer needs and allows retailers to increase profits by reducing the use of human resources in sales, inventory-making and replenishing stock.

Customers of retail stores expect not only to receive professional advice on products, but also to know immediately about the availability and location of items in an online or stationary store. This consumer demand – particularly in the fashion sector – can be effectively satisfied by the implementation of RFID. Combined with artificial intelligence, RFID effectively supports the selection and finding of the right product for a particular customer, and guarantees a quick and smooth purchase process that will not require the customer to walk through traditional cash registers.

RFID is a technology that supports sales directors as well. It allows you to quickly read information about the products available in multiple facilities and to monitor the supply chain so that the quantity and product types in each order can be tailored to the needs of the customers of the given store.

There are numerous benefits this technology could bring to your retail business. Marek Kwiatkowski, responsible for the implementation of RFID in Sescom, spoke about the impact of this technology on the further development of the retail industry:

“In the future, stores will probably be deprived of sellers. In some business contexts in store chains, new technologies will be applied across large management processes. Artificial intelligence and prediction systems (including RFID) will allow you to make immediate real-time decisions about changes in the appearance of the store, in the way key products are presented, as well as about the movement of goods or shipments to a different selected store”.

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