Brinc ScaleUp – Demo Day, pitch day, show day! Summary of the first round of the programme.

The art of pitching is apparently one of the most important skills needed in a search for investors. What is “a pitch”, though? According to Piotr Bucki, a specialist in public speaking, “investors do not invest in a business, but in stories about business”. A pitch is a story that shows all the strengths of a given project. An ultimate effect of such a story should be the audience’s strong conviction that “this will surely work!”


On 26th June, at Brinc Demo Day in Warsaw, pitches were presented by start-ups from both the ScaleUp* program, which we are the partner of, and from the Poland Prize. The meeting was a culmination of their three months of work. Participation in the program means not only financial support but also, perhaps more importantly, workshops, mentoring, and some cooperation with practitioners and their companies. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and opportunities offered to startups, some could boast of new contracts already during the event. As a result, we will be able to use their products very soon.


Have a look at our video report from the event:


The key speaker of Demo Day was Heriberto Saldivar – Global Director of Acceleration Programs at Brinc. His message was clear: “The world needs many more problem-solvers. At Brinc, we believe that all the challenges we face today will be answered by entrepreneurs, many of whom will, with the right support, make great success”.


“The first round is just the beginning”, the coordinator of the programme, Director of Sescom Innovation Lab, Maciej Halbryt says. “Both start-ups and ourselves do a fair share of homework here. We already know how to verify the ideas of startups in the context of the needs of our company and our customers. However, we are aware that there is still much we can learn to improve and optimise this cooperation. Our work with start-ups does not end here. In August, recruitment for the next round of ScaleUp will begin. We would like to encourage young innovative companies to apply!

More information and schedule for the next round of ScaleUp will soon be available on the website of Brinc Poland.


*Brinc ScaleUp is an initiative aimed at supporting startups from the IoT industry. The program is based on the idea of providing new innovative technological solutions to companies through close cooperation between them and startups. It is co-financed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.