RFID and biometric technology – new trends in the European Retail market

The Retail industry is one of those in which technological trends are only starting to grow. In Asia, solutions that improve the functioning of trading and service establishments, or even airports, are being implemented the quickest, because of easy access to technology and relatively low implementation costs in that part of the world.

The innovative solutions include biometric systems and ideas based on the 5G and RFID technologies.
Currently, the degree of the implementation of RFID in Asia is up to 70%, 90% in the United States, however it is only 30% in Europe. (…) When it comes to Poland, the degree of the implementation of this technology is obviously lower than abroad, the entry barrier being one of the key reasons for this state of affairs. The implementation of new technologies often comes along with big costs and risks. Those are easier to manage for traders or clothes brands in Europe, which budgets are bigger. On the other hand, we should not feel inferior. We have our own unique solutions that can be used by many European firms in the future, such as the concept of the Eobuwie shoe shop – says Marek Kwiatkowski, Director of the Digital Branch for Sescom, in an article published on the Newseria Innowacje portal.

Europe is following in the footsteps of other technological powers. Similarly to Asia, the Old Continent adores smartphones and their number is steadily rising, up to 5 percentile points annually. The number of electronic devices per capita is rising yearly also in Poland, a situation that affects the design of new solutions. Using iris recognition technology and fingerprints to unlock phones is not news to anyone. In Asia those identification methods are being used even for authorizing payments. Chinese applications are based on algorithms that can easily recognize faces and allow for fast online shopping, the reservation of theater tickets or paying bills.

The article on predicting further development of the technology, which included Sescom’s expert on RFID, Marek Kwiatkowski’s statement, was published on websites such as: Microsoft News, Ceo.com.pl Business in practice, Na Słuchawkach, Evertiq, Ofio and other Polish regional portals such as: Gdańsk Twoje Miasto, Toruń Twoje Miasto, Pruszcz Twoje Miasto, Aleksandrów Twoje Miasto, Warszawa Twoje Miasto, Bytów Twoje Miasto, Bydgoszcz Twoje Miasto.