RFID and smart mirrors: the impact of new technologies on management and buying decisions

RFID (Radio-frequency identification), which originated in the 1960s, consists in the remote identification of objects through radio signal. Today, it undergoes its very special Renaissance and is successfully used not only in hospitals and logistics, but above all in a business area in which our clients operate: the fashion retail industry.


The possibilities of RFID are endless, and this translates into the value of the RFID market, which can increase by up to $4 billion in just a year. Today, this technology determines the location of objects themselves, and can be integrated with further solutions that were not available in the 1960s. For example, it can effectively connect to smart mirrors in fitting rooms and display recommended product, affecting the final consumer’s decision. The product under consideration will certainly be available in the store the customer is visiting, as all data is collected on an ongoing basis, in real time. All of this is possible thanks to special chips (tags), which are sewn into clothing tags. 30 million such tags are sold annually on the Polish market, and about 100 million are already in use.


However, consumer decisions are not the only area affected by the RFID technology. What is also developed is real-time management of store chains.

– RFID is the future of the fashion retail industry. Having reliable, up-to-date information about what is in the store, what is sold, how goods move in the store, makes it possible for managers to make immediate, informed decisions based on artificial intelligence or data prediction systems – says Marek Kwiatkowski, Digital Division Director at Sescom.

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