Industry Fair – how to make your choice easier

Some communities view trade fairs as a thing of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trade fairs are industry events that can prove instrumental for developing business or networking for both sole traders and industry giants. Such “exhibitions” of goods or services may or may not involve sales, on the other hand they provide a good opportunity to present your company in the international arena. The benefits may be galore. Check out our tips to find out how to choose an event for yourself.


Set your goal

When selecting, be industry-driven – depending on what you are looking for, go into the area in which your company or your subcontractors operate. Explore technologies, learn about the trends and activities of competitors and find the best business partners.


Select specific criteria

The events are many, select them properly – by considering quality, cyclic nature and size. German and American fairs are considered the best worldwide. In the years 2009-2013 alone, exhibitors at German trade fairs increased their trade turnover by half a trillion US dollars[1]. Meanwhile, steady growth in the number of international events observed in the United States since 2015 has coincided with a decline in the number of regional ones[2]. On considering its business of European importance, Sescom targets events located mainly in Europe, but we also boast a track-record of trade missions to Asia.


Use search engine

Currently, no one reviews advertising columns or keeps track of events at stadiums or trade fair halls. When you find out which industry and specialisation you are looking for, use search engines. It is worthwhile to seek the most universal ones, which will allow you to search for trade fairs not only at home, but also abroad. Review TradeFairDates and ExpoDataBase (11,000 events in 42 countries).


Get opinions

Before you decide on a particular event, check its history, whether it is being held for the first time, and if not, whether its attendance is following a rising path. Watch and read reports from the events that will show you what to expect. Review the comments in forums or on social media, and if there aren’t any, inquire whether anyone from your business community has already taken part in it. Verify the professional contents – whether you will be able to participate in additional lectures apart from having a booth presence.


Consider EuroShop 2020

In February, Sescom will present itself for the second time at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf, the world’s major retail trade fair. With our experience, we can recommend you to participate in this event. The capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia houses the most important retail events with a tradition dating back to 1966. In the most recent EuroShop in 2017, the area of 127,598  housed 2,368 exhibitors from 61 countries around the world. This fair brings together the leading specialists from the broadly understood retail industry, and in addition to thousands of stands, you can also access panels where professionals will present case studies.

Visit Sescom’s stand no. 70B01 in Hall 7.0 in the Retail Technology zone. Follow our profile on Linkedin for highlights related to our participation and the trade fair itself.


Why it is worth it
Participation in the fair provides an opportunity to immediately increase your network of contacts, gain knowledge, update yourself on industry news and check on your competition. On the other hand, relations established during the fair may yield new ideas, and in the future also in projects or long-term cooperation with new business partners.



[2] Number of trade shows attended by business professionals in the United States from 2015 to 2019: