The Brinc ScaleUp programme round #2 kicks off

The second round of the Brinc ScaleUp acceleration program (of which we are a partner) began this October. This initiative is aimed at supporting innovative IoT and connected hardware companies. Enriched by the experiences gained in the first round, we are approaching the second round with openness and a lot of determination.


Just like in the first stage, we had to browse through a list of nearly 200 applications to select the most suitable start-ups. At the end of this process we decided to work with Sensemore from Turkey. This start-up has created a minuscule accelerometer – a device used to measure vibrations in machines. Such devices are already being used in various industries, but thanks to its very compact size, the Sensemore product could also find itself being used in completely new industries. For example, it could be used to measure vibrations in HVAC installation circuits and other equipment at our clients’ premises.


At Sescom, we are open to innovation and all technological novelties. Our continuous cooperation with start-ups is an excellent opportunity for us to discover and analyse unconventional solutions that will benefit our clients. Sensemore, although chosen in the second round of the Brinc ScaleUp programme, had very strong competition. Amongst our top start-ups, 15 out of 20 presented solutions related to data acquisition and analysis, as well as energy efficiency. Even so, the concept proposed by Sensemore appears to be the most promising to us.


‘Global technology companies are conducting research and development activities which consist of monitoring device life cycles by examining the electrical characteristics of these devices. Measuring vibrations using an accelerometer is an innovative approach to solving the common problem of how to monitor device operation. It is a problem which many companies in the industry, including Sescom, are trying to resolve, albeit through slightly different means’. – Bartłomiej Gawin (PhD Eng), President of the Board at SDC and resident energy efficiency expert at Sescom.


The second round of the Brinc ScaleUp programme will last until 17 February 2020, so we are not even halfway through yet. We encourage all start-ups that wish to participate in the subsequent rounds to follow the Brinc Poland website, where more information regarding their schedule will be provided.