Facebook – a modern “must-have” for business

Facebook has long ceased to perform only as a social network service, facilitating communication with friends. Founded in 2004, this giant quickly became a marketing tool that now supports business on many levels – from promotion to recruitment.


The figures

Facebook connects billions of people around the world. The average figures are astounding: 1.63 trillion users a day and as many as 2.45 trillion users a month. In addition, the corporation created by Mark Zuckerberg bought other popular apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, which are used by 2.2 billion people every day[1]. Such impressive results offer a huge potential for many businesses. In October 2019, Facebook announced that its application is used by as many as 140 million companies.


Facebook – not just a fan page

The fan page is no longer the only source of promotion for businesses. Just a few years ago, it was enough that brands set up their company profiles and regularly posted content about their business. Today, this step only supports visibility, but does not affect promotion and coverage, and thus does not help reach customers, employees or potential business partners. Publications in the form of videos, posts, carousels, notes, gifs or galleries are now supported by a range of advanced marketing tools that allow you to redirect your page fans not only to your company’s website, but also to show products and their prices within the profile itself. In addition to promoting the business, you can allow users to contact directly with the company through Messenger. Moreover, the profile group can act as a forum to engage brand customer activity and increase consumer awareness, thus affecting the frequency of purchases.


Demography and user profile

Demography is of great importance here. Facebook loses the interest of teenage users, but at the same time, it attracts more and more adults and, therefore, decision-makers of many companies. Thanks to this, advertisements regularly bombarding private walls reach people who decide on their own but also on the company’s budget. Poland, the home of Sescom’s operation centre, is one of the most digitized countries in Europe. According to the latest report, over 70% of Polish people regularly visit Facebook and use Instagram to find shopping inspirations, which is a great asset for companies operating in retail[2].


Sescom in social media

Smart use of social media supports not only the sales levels. The communication potential of these tools helps companies build relationships with new target groups. That is why in our LinkedIn profile we not only present valuable content about industry innovations that can help our audience, but also talk about events taking place at Sescom, share important successes of ours, show completed projects, share knowledge and experience. Recently, Sescom has taken its first steps with Facebook. We see not only the recruitment potential but also an educational value of this platform. Facebook is an opportunity to introduce the “new audience” to less familiar topics in an interesting and accessible way. We want to give them a sneak peek of what is “invisible to the eyes” and decipher the definition of FM. Visit our profile, follow it and find out how are we doing.


[1] Data for September 2019: https://newsroom.fb.com/company-info/, access 11.2019.

[2] Interaktywnie.com, Social Media Report 2019 [PL]: https://interaktywnie.com/biznes/artykuly/raporty-interaktywnie-com/raport-media-spolecznosciowe-2019-259316, access 11.2019.