Startup: a fresh business partner of a well-seasoned company

Teaming up with startups and young innovative companies at an early stage of development doesn’t seem to lose popularity. Although many companies do it mainly to bolster their brand image, which is confirmed by as many as 50% of the greatest market players,[1] we cultivate a more pragmatic attitude. We team up with startups as part of the Brinc ScaleUp Accelerator Program on a regular basis. Young companies undergo a certain selection so that they not only match our object of business but also inspire us to search for new solutions to our customers’ issues. Thanks to a partnership approach in business, we are constructive, and we demand openness from our contractors. It’s essential since in order to build a successful and effective partnership, the people are as important as the idea itself.


There are many ways to enter into a partnership with a startup. The most significant market players, e.g. PwC, launch their own accelerators for young innovative companies. Sescom engaged in a periodic five-round accelerator programme, which is a good way to test joint efficiency while teaming up with several startups a year. In February 2020, the second round of Brinc ScaleUp will come to an end. This time, we’ve invested in accelerometers, i.e. devices that measure vibrations. We have laid our eyes on Sensemore, a Turkish tech company responsible for creating one of the tiniest accelerometers. The first stage of our cooperation and trial measurements made in Gdańsk left us with a conclusion that although vibrations may not be as straightforward as power consumption, they carry important informative value as far as device operation is concerned. We intend to explore it further.


Being aware of innovation market dynamics is also an essential part of such a partnership. Every year, our company invests in R&D because we know that without it we would not be able to grow. We constantly develop new technologies, which serve our customers and employees on a daily basis. In 2019, we’ve reviewed over 400 startups and joined forces with five of them. We’ve also participated in necessary trainings and expert panels, which helped us understand who we are looking for to achieve our strategic goals. Thus, in the third round of Brinc ScaleUp Accelerator Program planned for spring 2020, we will be even more aware of our expectations towards potential startup partners and cooperation model.


Any IoT startups interested in joining forces and creating common solutions are encouraged to enrol for the next round of Brinc ScaleUp and to contact Sescom Innovation Lab directly at