Business is all about relationships. Sescom has become a partner of the ball of the Polish Business Club in the Czech Republic

Acting on an international scale, Sescom develops its activity in numerous European markets. The Czech Republic is one of the leading markets for us, and in the financial year 2018/2019 we increased the number of customers and the volume of completed work there.

Currently, in the Czech Republic we are performing contracts for customers in the fashion and jewellery industry in the field of technical and IT service.

However, our presence on the foreign markets is not only about investments aimed at obtaining and serving customers. We are committed to supporting activities promoting Polish economic potential in the Czech Republic and building relations between entrepreneurs of both nations, and this connects us with the Polish Business Club in the Czech Republic, which also cares about the positive image of Polish companies and is a reliable source of information for Czech entrepreneurs, which greatly facilitates the establishing international cooperation.

This year again we have become one of the partners of the 10th Polish-Czech Ball organized by this institution and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. It is an annual event which takes place in Prague. Its aim, among others, is to integrate Polish enterprises on the Czech market and to promote a positive image of companies from Poland.

During the event Sescom was prepresented by members of the Management Board: Chief Business Development Officer Phd. Sławomir Kądziela and Chief Operations Officer Adam Kabat.