Digital Signage – more than a virtual poster

Polpharma SA is one of the biggest, well-known producers of prescription drugs and pharmaceutical substances in Poland. Their motto is “People help people”, so it’s not surprising that, apart from the fact that the products offered by the factories contribute to pro-health prophylaxis, the company also cares about the people who are working for them. All thanks to openness to new technologies and recognition of new business fields where improvements can be provided.

Polpharma was searching for a solution that would ensure constant access to information, increase security and improve the daily duties of employees.

Many communication channels and the lack of access to production employees to work computers contributed to more workload on other departments such as HR. Production line employees unable to use Polpharma’s internal systems, had to go to the human resources department to report their vacation. Long-lasting processes shortened the time that both parties could devote to tasks requiring more attention. It was impossible to monitor production and check order progress. There was also no alarm system that would support caring for employees’ safety thanks to notifications about the use of protective measures and quick access to health and safety instructions. The client’s existing communication channels did not provide sufficient information not only for employees without computers but also the company’s visitors. There was the potential that digital solutions, could improve company processes and even increase sales potential.


Implemented solutions 

Knowing the client’s needs, we proposed the implementation of a central Digital Signage system consisting of large-format monitors, computers and info kiosks with the appropriate software. The goal was to speed up processes and facilitate the daily work of Polpharma employees.

In the reception and in common spaces, we installed sets which include computers and large-format monitors with an OPS connector. They made it possible to effectively display important information from the company’s life, i.e. interesting facts about the Group, name-day or weather forecast. It could also help to spread the news about current events. The owner can design a new content schedule at any time, which will be 100% adapted to current needs. Monitors can display both advertising and general information. At the reception and in common areas, they serve both employees and guests of the company – this way all of them stay up to date with what is happening in the Group.

Similar sets were installed in production halls – their purpose is to inform about the current status of the production line, the progress of order processing and work pace. It also helps to track the degree of contract implementation, which increases Polpharma’s efficiency and enables employees to maintain the proper pace of work.

In addition to the above sets, we have installed and configured information kiosks with personalized enclosures on which we integrated the Media4Display system and our proprietary ePOP application. ePOP which is an electronic employee service point it is is the software used to log into internal company systems and use the intranet. Thanks to information kiosks, we were able to speed up several internal procedures and make HR work easier. Employees who are not equipped with personal computers can submit a vacation request, suggest ideas for any improvements, complete internal company questionnaires and even check the canteen menu with a few clicks. Access to information has therefore improved the daily work of production employees and the HR department. These improvements will affect multi-department process performance.

Polpharma employees have been trained by Sescom and are fully capable of using these new Digital Signage solutions. They can independently operate the software from the panel level, as well as select and plan content and materials selected for broadcast, which significantly shortens many processes.


Digital Signage – the answer to many customer needs

New technologies can make a big difference. The investment in them significantly reduces the workload of employees and allows greater control and accuracy of data regarding business operations, which is illustrated by the example of improvements made at the pharmaceutical company Polpharma.

Caring for human resources in the 21st century goes hand in hand with technologies that will improve their daily work and reduce unnecessary tasks that can be easily automated or shortened.

At the moment, the Digital Signage system has been implemented by Sescom in 4 Polpharma’s divisions – in Starogard Gdański, Nowa Dęba, Sieradz and Duchnice. Our cooperation did not end yet and the company is considering implementing further solutions in the near future.