Sescom partners with the Polish Tech Day conference – on the 8th of July 2020 join us online!

As a partner of the event, Sescom cordially invites you on July 8th, i.e. this Wednesday, to Polish Tech Day, an online conference organized by PLUGin Foundation.


This year’s edition of Polish Tech Day will focus on „ Navigating Uncertainty”: good practices for dealing with crises, especially in a world where change is the one certain thing. We found it particularly valuable to support an event that explains the challenges we face and provides insights into solutions we can implement. Read more about why Sescom decided to participate and be part of this initiative from our CEO Sławomir Halbryt.


What stood behind the decision to support PTD?

Polish Tech Day has already earned its place in technology business leaders’ calendar. It got our attention a while ago. The main topic of the event, the VUCA world, is close and familiar to us. These days companies are assessed based on how they find themselves in a turbulent and changing reality. New challenges arise for business in the era of recent events. In addition, Sescom is carefully observing market trends and transformations, which allows us to constantly verify our scope of operations and commercial offer. Such events not only provide expert knowledge, they also allow to get to know different perspectives and are a great source of inspiration.


How do you perceive the main topic: “Navigating uncertainty”? Is there room in business for uncertainty?

Recently, we have all experienced uncertainty on a large scale. In the long run it is impossible to assume that what we know today is permanent and unchanging. Especially in business, fast changes and efficient adaptation becomes a necessity, an inseparable element of reality. Since the beginning of Sescom, we have been talking about embracing change. It became part of our identity and one of the reasons we went through the first stage of the pandemic with the upper hand.


Which of the topics on this year’s agenda particularly caught your attention?

All of them sound captivating, but my attention was drawn to topic # 4 “Pivot or die” especially. We will learn there how different can the responses to a crisis situation be in different industries. Getting to know the experiences of others and being able to gain perspective are very valuable. I am also curious about a fireside chat between Mr Adam Fromanek and Dr Reiner Kraft about how to be a mindful CTO and conducting digital transformation in a balanced and mindful way. We are currently planning a series of activities based on IoT, digital and machine learning solutions. Hence, it is a topic close to us. We have been cooperating with the technological ecosystem for a long time and we are constantly looking for new solutions for our organization and for our customers.


Is it profitable to focus on start-ups / innovations from a business perspective? Some people say that “unicorns” are rare and the rest of them are often bottomless pits?

In my opinion, not only betting on start-ups, but also assimilating their way of thinking and agile project management can be beneficial for a mature company like ours. Openness to change, culture of agility and creative freedom are their bread and butter. Technical ecosystem around Sescom has been part of our development strategy from day one, the technological ecosystem has been complementing it for several years now – including constant cooperation with start-ups. We consider it our investment into the future of Sescom. Therefore, I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with start-ups competing in “Pitch to London” during PTD.


Participation in Polish Tech Day 2020 is free of charge.

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