Sescom announces a 10-year strategy – Technologies as the basis of development

Today, we announced a strategy called “Sescom: Wise Futurist 2030” which explains how, in the years to come, we will not only consistently develop our current offer, but will also focus on R&D activities, innovation and the development of alternative energy sources. We will work even more closely with hydrogen technologies and photovoltaics, at the same time developing further services to complement our offer on the international market. We will continue to operate primarily in the Facility Management services area and will strongly focus on new technologies in order to optimise operations both for ourselves and for our customers. Sescom is planning to achieve PLN 35 million (approx. EUR 7,9 million) EBITDA (operating profit plus depreciation) at the end of the fiscal year 2024/2025.


Why “Wise” and why “Futurist”?

“Wise Futurist 2030” will be Sescom’s key idea in the next 10 years. Sescom’s business model and organisational structure will be tailored to the tenets of the strategy, and to the annual action plans for divisions and subsidiaries that will enable Sescom to execute specific plans by 2030. In the strategy, we refer to the company’s wisdom accumulated in our long-term work with 40 thousand sites and 300 customers, and to the future of global technical and technological ecosystems, which we want to significantly expand. With the immense experience, Sescom can plan long-term, and look into the future.

The value of the global market of new technologies and of Facility Management services is growing. We will use this fact wisely in the years to come. In our offer, we will focus on, among other things, the IoT and the RFID to further optimise operational and auxiliary processes for customers, and, consequently, to more strongly support the omnichannel. We will present our solutions more extensively in the growing foreign markets, drawing attention to the so-called green technology solutions (that is, those that respect the rules of sustainability, social responsibility, and ecology) while still providing our customers and partners with the expected financial benefits. I must admit that our development plan naturally reflects the inclinations and curiosity found in our company’s team: Sescom loves technology and innovation. It is hardly surprising, then, that we have cooperated closely with start-up environments to capture new trends and solutions, and to implement the most forward-looking and valuable ones in our own work and in the operations of our clients, says Sławomir Halbryt, the CEO of Sescom S.A.


From strategy to action

Sescom’s development strategy results not only from the ambitions of the company’s board and team, but also from the careful observation of the market. The company conducts analyses in many areas and relies on solid data to confirm the right direction for the development of the Facility Management industry across the glove. With such strong foundations, Sescom’s strategic assumptions are already being translated into concrete action plans. In this way, in the “Wise Futurist 2030” strategy, the company declares not only that by 2030 it will combine 10,000 companies in a global technical and technological ecosystem delivering continuously updated value in the Facility Management market, but also that by 2021 it will implement sustainability mechanisms, which (through deeper digitisation of operations) will reduce its carbon footprint by 20 percent by 2023.

Although Sescom’s development will also involve new areas, i.e. hydrogen technologies, or photovoltaics, the focus of the company on Facility Management’s services (and its share in the company’s revenue structure and priorities) will not change in the years to come. It will remain the company’s main area of operation – heavily supported by investment in the development of competences and in technology.

  • Facility Management – comprehensive technical maintenance of chain shops and other retail facilities, and the support of these facilities with new technology;
  • Digital – implementing new technologies to optimise customer operations and auxiliary processes – IoT, RFID;
  • Energy – energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and implementing new energy sources for customers – photovoltaics and hydrogen technologies;
  • On Demand – consulting and implementation of customised solutions, upon customer request.


Investment in technology

By 2025, the company wants to allocate investments in R&D, people and competences, technical ecosystems and foreign acquisitions, of a total of PLN 123 million. With a favourable cash flow situation and a conservative debt structure, the company intends to finance growth mainly with its own funds, loans and subsidies, without issuing additional packages of shares. Sescom’s optimism is based, among others, on favourable projections for new technologies and for the Facility Management market, whose European growth, according to the analysts of KBV Research, has a really high dynamics – the CAGR for 2017–2023 has been estimated at 14.1 percent.

By 2030 we are going to combine 10 thousand companies in a technical and technological ecosystem that will provide services that enhance the operational efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness of our customers. We have supported traditional stores for many years, while also noticing an increase in the importance of digitisation and e-commerce practices. We intend to use this accumulated knowledge by offering solutions to optimise operational and auxiliary processes that use the IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID (identification of objects thanks to radio waves) in the area of logistics, which is so crucial to the smooth functioning of the omnichannel. We will also use new technologies to increase the efficiency of operations and the scalability of our company, Sławomir Halbryt adds.

Sescom has accumulated some. immense knowledge and experience in recent years. With its natural ability to adapt to the demands of the rapidly changing world, it will now boldly operate in different sectors, with different clients, and. in different markets.


Expansion in Europe

The “Wise Futurist 2030” strategy indicates the foreign markets in which Sescom wants to thrive in the rapidly changing VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) reality. Sescom will carry out work for its clients on a regular basis, according to their demand, in Southern and Central Europe, the United Kingdom, France, the Balkans, Scandinavia, and the Baltic countries, while significantly strengthening its position in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux.

Deeply rooted in the company’s DNA, the mechanisms of rapid and active response to change allow Sescom to operate flexibly in global markets. Supported by technology, the company can predict rather than respond to what strategic value might mean for companies in the current world.

Basing on data, analysis and accumulated experience, Sescom moves into the future to create new directions for the entire industry. We have carefully planned this road and can now encourage you to keep track of our results. We will regularly present them to the general public.

More information: Sescom Strategy 2030