We deliver technological solutions to Polpharma

Digital Signage, which has been mostly associated with advertising screens in the retail industry, has other practical applications, too. With the help of it, it is possible to significantly improve the work of an industrial enterprise. At Sescom, we offer several innovative solutions in the area. We have been responsible for the implementation of our Digital system in 5 production plants of the largest Polish pharmaceutical company – Polpharma.

Polpharma not only leads the way in the production of medicines in Poland, but also focuses on the implementation of new technological solutions that improve the company’s operations in many areas. Some time ago, Polpharma invited Sescom to cooperate in the process of digitization. We have now completed the project and implemented a system that connects the company’s software and production machines.

Appropriate use of new technologies supports the optimization of processes. The investment returns in the form of better information flows, better focus on key tasks, greater work efficiency and increased control over the operations of the entire enterprise. During the implementation of a centrally managed visual communication system at Polpharma, the role of Sescom was to select and integrate the Digital Signage application with the customer’s systems, which will provide all the functionalities expected at the stage of project implementation and will evolve along with the changing needs of the customer – for instance, with the expansion, or modernization of the production plants – says Sabina Kozan, Product Development Manager at Sescom S.A.

During the implementation of the visual communication system at Polpharma’s plants, Sescom supervised three areas. The first one was the delivery and configuration of large screens for the reception and common areas. The screens now display interesting facts about the group, information about current events, name days or weather forecasts. The second area was the assembly and configuration of kiosks, thanks to which production employees can submit a vacation application, submit initiatives under the Kaizen program, fill out surveys or check the menu in the canteen. The third area was the installation of large screens in production halls, which transmit data from machines, display the parameters of order fulfilment and inform employees about the results of the work performed.

Another important task Sescom carried out was the selection of equipment that meets the environmental requirements and standards appropriate for production spaces, as well as the design of the kiosks. For the kiosks, we integrated the Media4Display system and our own dedicated ePOP application (an electronic employee service point). For this type of implementation, it is crucial to integrate our solutions with the customer’s systems while maintaining the highest security standards. Thanks to the use of highly specialized system components and effective cooperation between Sescom and Polpharma, the solutions are fully resistant to undesirable actions of people and malfunctioning of applications. The safety and security have been confirmed in penetration tests carried out by an independent cybersecurity company – adds Sabina Kozan, Product Development Manager at Sescom S.A.

Installation of Digital Signage systems in production halls or warehouse spaces increases efficiency of internal communication because it improves the availability of information, accelerates the implementation of tasks and increases security.

Sescom provides its customers with something more than just a traditional technical facility management. We provide professional technical maintenance services, as well as new technologies that support business. The solutions help to optimize processes in virtually every area. This is especially important for manufacturing companies, where even a temporary downtime or delay can result in significant losses. The use of technologies such as Digital Signage allows you to effectively use information and data, which in turn translates into better integration of people, systems and machines, as well as a greater efficiency and job satisfaction – says Sławomir Halbryt, President of Sescom S.A.