Sescom and PDD together for zero-emission heating

SES Hydrogen, a company belonging to the Sescom S.A. Group, is not losing momentum in its activities aimed at promoting the use of green hydrogen in everyday life. Together with Polskie Domy Drewniane (PDD) we have signed a letter of intent, which marks the new beginning in the development industry.

Our goal is to install heating systems based on hydrogen boilers in PDD buildings. The revolutionary investment will be made in Środa Śląska.

We have been working on integrating hydrogen into the energy sector for over a dozen years, perfectly understanding the priority of decarbonising the economy and households. Cooperation with PDD will allow us to further act for ecological construction and, above all, climate protection, informs Sławomir Halbryt, CEO of Sescom and SES Hydrogen.

The foundations of ecological heating in multi-family buildings are to be heat pumps and gas heating, which will be largely hydrogen-based. The project taking place in Środa Śląska is 100% ecological.

We are very pleased to be working together towards implementing the first solutions using zero-emission hydrogen boilers. Due to the constantly increasing number of zero-emission requirements resulting from the fight against climate change, heating solutions based on green hydrogen will gain popularity both on the Polish and European market, comments Mateusz Sołtysiak, Managing Partner at SES Hydrogen.

PDD is a real estate development company committed to building sustainable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient housing. The multi-storey buildings constructed under the PDD banner are the environmentally friendly frame constructions and prefabricated buildings.

Cooperation with SES Hydrogen is the next step in creating environmentally neutral real estate investments. Hydrogen-based heating systems are the future and the solution that makes us one of the most innovative companies on the European market, says Tomasz Szlązak, CEO of Polskie Domy Drewniane S.A.