We installed 92% more self-checkout systems in 2021 than a year before

In 2021, we installed 1,723 self-checkouts (SCO) in 421 locations in Poland, which is a 91.7% year-on-year increase.

In comparison, in 2020, we installed and configured 899 self-checkouts. For one of the customers, we made installations in all of its 120 stores. Statistics show that the largest retail chains in the country (associated in the Polish Trade and Distribution Organisation) launched about 8,500 self-checkouts. It means that we installed and configured nearly 11 percent of them.

Comprehensive services throughout Poland

In the installation of self-service devices, our task is to disassemble the traditional cash register set, adjust the electrical installation with wiring for new devices and to assemble the components of the self-service device. The last stage of our work is to verify the device’s operation before opening the stores with self-checkouts.

Last year was marked by a further development of the automation trend and a great demand for SCO implementation. We install self-checkouts both in agglomerations and smaller cities throughout the country. Thanks to our know-how and our experienced team, the implementation is quick and efficient, so that the store can immediately benefit from it – says Sławomir Halbryt, CEO of Sescom SA.

Consumers appreciate self-checkouts

Toshiba, a global leader in digital devices, conducted a survey on self-checkouts among 2,665 Americans. 80 percent of the respondents like the idea of such conveniences very much. 66 percent wishes to use SCO checkouts. These results are not surprising: not having to wait in line was most often cited as the reason for choosing a self-checkout. The Global Market Insights study shows that the value of the global self-checkouts market will exceed $ 6.5 billion by 2027.

Although the pandemic got us used to shopping online, Poles still appreciate in-store shopping both in grocery stores and in other trades, such as sport chain stores. The owners of such stores care for the customer comfort and satisfaction, while striving to shorten the service time and reduce the staff’s involvement in the sales process. Therefore, they are investing in self-checkouts more and more often. Such a solution significantly improves this process and reduces employment costs – explains Tomasz Wojtkowicz, IT Infrastructure Director at Sescom.