We are developing the Energy service in Slovakia

We have started another energy efficiency project for one of the largest fuel brands with stations in Slovakia. Our tasks will include optimising energy consumption at nearly 80 fuel stations.

– We started our cooperation with the customer two years ago. Our Energy Management service – optimising energy consumption and improving the energy efficiency of facilities – covers 300 stations throughout Poland. Our operations in Poland have been highly rated, and the generated savings have helped to significantly reduce the costs of media purchases, reducing the customer’s vulnerability to the rapid price increase from the beginning of the year. Work in Slovakia is currently underway. It will cover all stations in the country. When starting cooperation with customers, we always focus on their individual needs. Our offer is dedicated to the specificity of the Slovak energy market. We also provide contact with the Energy Manager in the local language. When implementing a project in Slovakia, we use our original SES Control telemetry system. We carry out a number of measurements that allow us to determine the areas with a potential for cost reduction – says Paweł Trojanowski, Expert in Energy and Business Development Manager at Sescom SA.

The SES Control technology enables accurate measurement of devices operation, integration with other systems, data visualisation and analysis. As part of the Energy Management service, it allows to effectively diagnose problems and prevent failures, optimise the operation of devices and increase energy efficiency. The first pilot installations of the telemetry system began at the beginning of this year. After collecting the data, we will begin the work on reducing electricity consumption.

– Electricity prices have risen sharply in recent months. Our customers pay for it up to twice as much as a year ago, so optimising energy consumption and savings is very much needed now. Sescom is developing the Facility Management industry in such a way so as to prepare the customers for future economic challenges. We are currently implementing projects in 25 countries. We have introduced solutions that made our customers save a total of PLN 1.6 million – adds Sławomir Halbryt, President of Sescom SA.

Energy optimisation also brings environmental benefits, such as reducing CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint. The use of environmentally friendly solutions by companies is becoming a requirement both on the Polish and global market.