We reduced the electricity consumption of one of the hypermarket and supermarket chains by 8 percent

We are running a successful project in energy consumption optimisation for one of the chains with commercial facilities across Poland. The cooperation involving 15 pilot facilities allowed for saving 1,422 MWh in 2021. Improving energy efficiency – apart from financial profitability – positively affects the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint.

 We work with the customer to optimise energy consumption in the team’s daily activities, monitor the facilities’ operation and analyse many variables. On this basis, we provide specific tips on how to achieve the best effects with a minimum investment. Interestingly, we do not use our original SES Control telemetry system in the facilities. We operate on data obtained from the system that is available at the customer’s location – says Paweł Trojanowski, Expert on Energy and Business Development Manager at Sescom SA

In 2021, thanks to the energy efficiency solutions, our experts saved over 6.5 GWh of energy, which translated into generating several million PLN of savings. The company provides services at about a thousand facilities in Poland – from clothing stores, through supermarkets and hypermarkets to petrol stations.

Many years of experience, a wide service network and the SES Control system allow us to perform a number of activities and measurements that effectively increase energy efficiency and generate savings for companies. Among others, we offer solutions that change the habits of staff, provide recommendations on improving the condition and proper adjustment of devices, as well as the condition of buildings and window and door joinery. We also create energy profiles for facilities, select tariffs and ordered capacities. Sescom’s offer is dedicated primarily to chain customers who have a large number of similar facilities in terms of their functionality – adds Bartłomiej Gawin, R&D Director supporting the implementation of Energy services at Sescom SA.

Measuring and monitoring electricity consumption is also a good way to prevent emergencies and verify the effectiveness of devices and their work schedules.