They conducted an energy audit for one of the leaders of clothing chains in Poland

Five years have passed since the “Energy Efficiency Act” came into force. It obliges entrepreneurs to perform energy audits. The procedure provides a detailed overview of energy consumption in three areas: real estate, industrial installations and transport. Our company, operating in the field of technical facility management services for dispersed facilities, conducted an energy audit for one of the clothing network leaders in Poland.

The obligation to conduct the energy audit required by the law every 4 years applies to entrepreneurs employing at least 250 people, with an annual turnover of at least EUR 50 million or total assets above EUR 43 million.

The main purpose of our audits is to carry out detailed and validated calculations for projects that improve energy efficiency, as well as to provide information on potential savings. According to the law, the audit must cover a minimum of 90 percent of total energy consumption in the company – says Bartłomiej Gawin, Director of the Energy and Digital Office, supporting operational and analytical implementation of Energy services in the Sescom Group. The technical knowledge we have, as well as the comprehensiveness of our services related to the assessment and improvement of energy efficiency in commercial facilities allow us to conduct efficient and reliable energy audits for our customers.

A three-stage energy efficiency audit 

Conducting an audit is a multi-stage process. The first stage is to obtain the necessary data, the basis for the second stage – the selection of areas for analysis. The next is preparing a report with conclusions, modernisation proposals and preparing the content of the ERO application.

Conducting energy audits, both those resulting from the law and from other customer needs, has been one of our operation areas for many years. We have now completed an energy audit required by law for a customer from the clothing industry with stores throughout the country. We audited as many as 820 commercial facilities, 9 office buildings and a logistics centre located in Poland. Thanks to the technologies used by our team, we completed the project in 8 weeks, even though it was a big geographical challenge – adds Sławomir Halbryt, President of the Management Board, Sescom SA. 

Entrepreneurs who have conducted an energy audit are obliged to notify the President of the Energy Regulatory Office about this fact within 30 days of its completion and, in case of an inspection, store the data for 5 years.