We saved PLN 4.3 million on electricity

We saved PLN 4.3 million on electricity for one of the largest fuel brands. During the two-year contract, we generated 6% savings in 2020 and 11% savings in 2011.

This amount was saved through developing and implementing energy efficiency solutions by our experts. The analysis of many variables allowed us to implement assumptions, thanks to which the client saved more than was originally expected. In order to optimise electricity consumption, we used our original SES Control telemetry system. Telemetry systems monitored the energy consumption of entire facilities and individual sections such as lighting, electric heating, air conditioning or subjects renting space from the company.

Using the SES Control telemetry system, we performed a number of activities and measurements that allowed us to identify 5 areas with a potential to reduce costs and electricity consumption. We have also developed and implemented a corporate-wide savings policy for the company and we are constantly tracking the life cycle of buildings, equipment and systems, striving to reduce the carbon footprint. We have introduced solutions that change the habits, work style and activity of the staff, without losing the quality of work and use. Additionally, we provided recommendations on improving the condition and proper regulation of devices, the condition of buildings and window and door joinery and we took care of adjusting the ordered power levels and tariff groups to the real energy needs of the facilities. All these activities led us to reducing the entire network’s consumption by 8,162 MWh – adds Piotr Mindykowski, Energy Manager at Sescom.

Our analysts and Energy Manager supervised the ongoing monitoring of energy consumption in the fuel brand’s facilities and the effectiveness of the savings policy. The program covered 360 facilities in 2020 and 365 facilities in 2021.

­ Sescom is a technology company operating mainly in the field of technical Facility Management services. We successfully run projects in the field of energy efficiency, showing that it is possible to generate significant savings from optimal energy management, using appropriate business models. Taking into account the forecasts of analysts, we can expect that electricity prices will continue to grow in the next years. It means that the costs of facility maintanance will become an increasing economic burden for entrepreneurs. That is why the issue of optimising energy consumption and savings, one of our operation areas, is relevant and very much needed – says Bartłomiej Gawin, Director of the Energy and Digital Office at Sescom SA.

In addition to reducing the company’s operating costs, improving energy efficiency brings significant environmental benefits, reducing CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint.