Modernisation of HVAC systems is an opportunity to optimise the operating costs of facilities

The inspection and optimal management of air conditioning, ventilation and heating in large facilities improve energy efficiency. Optimising the technical costs of facility operation will be one of the greatest challenges in the upcoming months. Modernisation of HVAC systems and control automation saves electricity and resources and this, in turn, generates measurable financial benefits. It also has a positive  effect on the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and  the carbon footprint.

Our customers want to improve the technical infrastructure, to service and modernise HVAC operations for several reasons. One of them is to reduce the costs of technical utilities consumption and to secure funds for new investments, since old infrastructure is associated with high operating costs. In order to ensure the best working conditions, Sescom customers modernise the facility by installing systems that ensure adequate air circulation in the building and air conditioners, whose trouble-free operation is of particular importance, especially in summer – says Paweł Trojanowski, Sales Manager in the area of New Technologies, Sescom S.A.

Our SES Control Technology enables accurate measurement of HVAC equipment operation, integration with other systems in the facilities, data visualisation and analysis. Thanks to that, it is possible to effectively identify problems, prevent failures, optimise the operation of devices and increase energy efficiency and savings.

Measurement and monitoring of electricity consumption is not only a good way to generate savings, but also a way to prevent breakdowns, verify the effectiveness of devices and their work schedules. The Smart Metering system that we offer monitors both the work schedule and energy consumption of air conditioners in the facility, and our original SES Control platform collects and visualises the data. Thanks to the data obtained from monitoring systems, our analysts and Energy Managers determine, among others, the optimal time for the device inspection, which may sometimes differ significantly from the standard deadline set as part of the regular service. The whole process helps prevent crashes, minimise their unpleasant consequences and optimise the work, and thus the costs of maintaining the installation. Everything is heading towards Predictive Maintenance – says Sławomir Halbryt, president of Sescom S.A.

The use of technology to manage technical infrastructure and increase the energy efficiency of buildings gives greater control and a sense of security. It also facilitates addressing new challenges.

­– At Sescom, we operate in the field of designing and delivering Predictive Maintenance solutions dedicated to HVAC infrastructure. The aim of solution development is to ensure maximum comfort and continuity of use while eliminating unnecessary costs – adds Sławomir Halbryt, President of Sescom S.A.