We are implementing a project to optimise electricity consumption in Decathlon stores

We have started the implementation of the Energy Management service, that is, optimisation of energy consumption in 52 large-area stores belonging to the French chain Decathlon. Improving energy efficiency allows to, among others reduce operating costs and provide funds for new investments. Such a policy also positively affects the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint. By introducing energy efficiency projects in 2021, we saved over 6.5 GWh of energy for our customers.

In Poland, we support about a thousand facilities, from clothing stores, through super and hypermarkets, to petrol stations.

– We work with Decathlon to optimise energy consumption in the team’s daily practices. We will also optimise the facilities in terms of regulation and automation of equipment and installations in the stores. We analyse a lot of information, including media costs, media consumption, technical documentation of facilities and on this basis we provide specific tips on how to achieve the best effects with a minimum of investment. In Decathlon stores, we do not use our original SES Control telemetry system. We operate on data obtained from the system that already exists at the customer’s location says Paweł Trojanowski, Expert on Energy and Business Development Manager at Sescom SA.

Observing the energy market, it can be expected that electricity prices will continue to grow in the coming years. It means that the costs related to the maintenance of facilities will become an increasingly greater burden for entrepreneurs. Therefore, the issue of optimising energy consumption and savings is extremely important now.

– Energy Management is an offer of services aimed at reducing media costs by up to several percent through tools and activities that optimise their consumption. It is dedicated primarily to chain customers who have a large number of similar facilities in terms of functionality.The service allows for effective cost optimisation in the facilities of our customers, for whom we help choose optimal tariffs, introduce and implement savings policies, recommend and carry out improvements and modernisation of technical infrastructure – says Sławomir Habryt, President of Sescom.

Energy optimisation brings ecological benefits, reducing CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint. The use of environmentally friendly solutions by companies is becoming a requirement both on the Polish and global market. Measuring and monitoring electricity consumption is also a good way to prevent emergencies and verify the effectiveness of devices and their work schedules.