Seasonality in the HVAC services implementation

Our collected and analysed data shows that the implementation of HVAC services depends on the season. In summer and winter, there is an increase in orders linked to air conditioning failures. It is caused by the increased work of air conditioners, which ensure appropriate temperature and comfortable working conditions in the rooms. In spring and autumn, on the other hand, we observe increased interest in the inspections of HVAC systems in office buildings, warehouses and shops in order to adjust appropriate work schedules of devices and optimal energy consumption.

– Inspections and optimal management of air conditioning, ventilation and heating in large-area facilities ensure, among others, improved energy efficiency and a positive effect on the environment – they reduce CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint, which is a key element in the implementation of the ESG strategy. From March to May, inspections constitute more than half of our orders. We carry out similar works in autumn. At this time, our customers prepare for the season and want to ensure smooth operation of the equipment in order to avoid breakdowns. Summer and winter is the time when we fix air conditioners and heating devices and react to breakdowns, which happen as a result of increased use of devices – says Marcin Bizewski, Operations Director, Sescom S.A.

Original technology
Our SES Control technology is used for precise measurement of the HVAC devices operation, integration with other systems located in the facilities and data visualisation and analysis. It allows us to effectively diagnose problems, prevent failures, optimise devices operation, increase energy efficiency and savings.

– Our original SES Control technology collects and visualises data on the work schedule and energy consumption of HVAC devices located on the premises. Thanks to the obtained data, our analysts and Energy Managers set the time for the equipment inspection, which may differ from the standard date of the regular service inspection. The entire process prevents breakdowns, minimises their consequences, enables work optimisation, and thus optimises the cost of installation maintenance. At Sescom, we operate in the field of designing and delivering Predictive Maintenance solutions dedicated to HVAC infrastructure. The aim of the developed solutions is to ensure maximum comfort and continuity of use while eliminating unnecessary costs – says Sławomir Halbryt, President of Sescom S.A.

Thanks to one of the SES Control platform’s function, it is also possible to control air-conditioning devices on-line.