We provide Facility Management services for a North Fish restaurant in London

In the area of Facility Management services, we work with brands from the entire continent. We have now started our next project that consists in the delivery of reactive and prevention services at the North Fish restaurant located in the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center.

We started our cooperation with Northfish by providing Facility Management services in 45 facilities in Poland. Last month, we signed a contract for a facility in London. Our services, apart from increasing the standard of restaurant operation, also affect the amount of energy used onsite. Moreover, we also reduce the costs of utilities, unlocking funds that can be spent on new investments and thus make a positive impact on the environment – says Dorota Jasińska, Business Development Manager at Sescom SA

The potential of the Facility Management market is constantly growing. Companies focus more and more on the technical maintenance of facilities, which not only ensures the comfort of people staying in restaurants, but also reduces electricity consumption, and thus CO2 emissions. Efficient facility management allows you to generate savings.

We provide our customers with technical maintenance services and innovative technological solutions, such as improving energy efficiency, which brings significant environmental benefits, reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprint. As part of the contract, we carry out inspections, maintenance and repairs of, among others: refrigerators, chillers, fryers
and heat pumps
– emphasizes Sławomir Halbryt, president of Sescom SA 

We are very much focused on new technologies to optimize our own and our customers’ operations.

– Efficient devices are an important element of every restaurant. Sescom offers its customers the SES Control technology, which measures the operation of devices. We integrate it with other systems, and then visualize and analyze the data. As a result, it is possible to diagnose problems, prevent breakdowns and optimize the operation of devices located in restaurants, as well as determine the optimal time for technical inspections – adds Sławomir Halbryt, President of Sescom SA