How to optimize the costs of electricity consumption?

There are several ways to reduce the cost of electricity consumption. Applying them in your business environment does not have to mean large investments. Instead, it could be a good start to optimizing energy consumption and improving profitability.

The situation on the energy market translates into the functioning of companies that try to optimize the costs of using facilities. Determining the areas where costs can be reduced makes it possible to implement a cost-saving policy that benefits the company very well. Improving the quality of equipment operation, changing the work schedule, the condition of the building infrastructure, etc., can in most cases allow you to reduce costs by up 20, or even 30 percent.

­­­– There are several ways to reduce your bills. We offer Energy Management services to our customers. We address the offer primarily to companies that have a large number of similar facilities that we can take care of. We analyze energy supply contracts and adjust their parameters to the actual demand, verify the condition of equipment, perform periodic maintenance services and remove failures. We also implement dedicated pro-saving policies and pass on good practices in the activities of staff, and perform consumption metering, enabling multi-variant data analysis in order to find areas for optimizing energy consumption. We achieve real savings and reduce carbon footprint emissions – says Bartłomiej Gawin, Director of the Energy and Digital Office at Sescom SA.

Forecasts indicate that electricity prices may continue to rise in the coming years. For entrepreneurs, this means that energy costs will become an increasing burden, which is why they are now looking for ways to reduce electricity bills.

One of the solutions we propose is a telemetry system for monitoring media consumption in distributed facilities, which, combined with our own analytical tools based on artificial intelligence algorithms and the support of a dedicated Energy Manager, allows for effective optimization of electricity consumption costs in the facilities we take care of. Over the years, we have confirmed the high efficiency of this process, developing real benefits in facilities such as clothing stores, hypermarkets, warehouses and petrol stations. Sescom Energy supports facilities throughout Poland and abroad. Last year, the implementation of the Energy Management service allowed us to generate savings of several million PLN – adds Sławomir Halbryt, CEO of Sescom SA 

Saving programs aimed at improving energy efficiency also bring ecological benefits, because they reduce CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint.