We have updated the Wise Futurist strategy

We have updated the 10-year development strategy announced in 2020 as “Wise Futurist 2030”. Our new strategic goal is to become the supplier of first choice for Technical Facility Management services in the main European markets.

The updated strategy clarifies the strategic goals we set for ourselves. We assume that by 2030 we will become a first-choice supplier of Technical Facility Management for international RETAIL chains in key European countries, which will double the number of our international customers. We will ensure the delivery of services to them through cooperation with 10,000 companies in a global technical and technological ecosystem that provides constantly updated value on the FM market.

– When creating the strategy, we indicated that it would be updated. Some of the strategic assumptions are still valid, but the changing social, geopolitical and economic situation has gained exceptional momentum since 2020 and prompted us to update it. Economic crises, pandemics, military operations in Ukraine – these are just some of the phenomena that have had and will have an impact on the strategic assumptions for the Sescom Group. The “Wiste Futurist 2030” strategy must increase the Sescom Group’s ability to adapt to dynamic and unpredictable changes in the environment. One of the main strategic guidelines is to strive to increase the security of Sescom’s business. We want to achieve this, e.g., through geographical diversification of revenue sources with an emphasis on Western Europe as a stable geopolitical area – says Sławomir Halbryt, CEO at Sescom SA.

In the updated strategy, we focus on development through acquisitions and partnerships in Western European countries (except DACH – German-speaking countries), because it is now a more stable and safe area for business. In the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, DACH and Scandinavia, we want to develop in an organic way.

Recent years have meant that as a group, we have been gaining knowledge and experience at an even faster pace. Thanks to our ability to adapt to the requirements of a rapidly changing world, we are able to use this knowledge and prepare services and business for our clients so that they can function well in it. The macroeconomic situation, including the raw material and geopolitical situation, make us think about a different energy mix than a few months ago. Business should be driven with what resources are available and with the energy that is available. There is a change in priorities for the implementation of the zero-emission energy program, i.e. freeing our transformation from gas, oil and coal. We need to replace the missing volumes of gas and oil with what we have in place, while continuing to try to implement and improve solutions that impact decarbonisation where possible. Sescom is ready for this flexibility and will support its clients and business partners in optimal solutions in the field of technical FM and media management services – adds Sławomir Halbryt .

We have combined our existing business lines into 3 areas: Technical Facility Management, Technological Facility Management and Interior Construction & Fit-out – dedicated to the implementation of investment projects in the facilities of retail chains.

After updating the strategy, we will enter the 2022/2023 financial year with a new division of operational areas. We are planning further, dynamic development based on three segments: Technical Facility Management, which consistes in the technical maintenance of facilities, warehouse vehicles and emergency response, Technological Facility Management, in which, in addition to maintenance and installation of IT devices, we have placed solutions in the field of energy efficiency and asset management of distributed objects, and Interior Construction & Fit-out – developing our current activity in the field of modernization and general construction projects in network and large-area facilities. We intend to direct our diversified offer mainly to retail chains, petrol station chains, banks and financial institutions, HoReCa facilities and entertainment centers as well as chain storage and logistics facilities – comments Sławomir Halbryt.

Our main financial goal has not changed – in the entire financial year 2024/25, Sescom intends to generate (including companies acquired in acquisitions, without including the hydrogen business developed in a separate subsidiary – SES Hydrogen SA) net EBITDA of PLN 35 million. The goal of achieving PLN 150 million in revenues in the 2024/25 financial year by all entities acquired by Sescom has also remained unchanged.