Sales results for 2021/22

Our analysis of foreign sales results indicates a definite revival in the Facility Management industry outside Poland. Europe has woken up from the lethargy associated with commercial lockdowns, and the potential of the FM market continues to grow. New foreign contracts and an increase in the volume of work for existing clients resulted in an increase in the value of our foreign sales by 27% year on year.

Especially in the second half of the financial year, we recorded a significant increase in foreign sales – during this period, we increased revenues generated outside Poland by 62% compared to the Covid pandemic. This result definitely illustrates the return to the growth path of foreign sales. This is a very good sign for us. The more so that we managed to win new, foreign contracts. We see a lot of room for further development of the FM market in Europe. Our strategic goal is to become the first-choice supplier of TFM (Technical Facility Management) services for international retail chains on major European markets by 2030. We want to do it by doubling the number of international customers – says Sławomir Halbryt, CEO at Sescom SA.

The improvement of the economic situation on foreign markets is confirmed by the agreements we signed in 2021/22, which have brought into our portfolio companies from the fuel, clothing and catering industries. We are now serving another 80 fashion stores on the German market, belonging to an international network of retailers. We have expanded our activities with new contracts also in the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain and Austria. At the end of 2022, we were present in 25 national markets.

We provide a wide range of Facility Management services, dynamically responding to the needs of over 60 international customers and their over 40,000 facilities throughout Europe.

We try to individually and creatively approach the needs of our clients and constantly update the ways of cooperation. We are aware that solutions that worked yesterday may require modification and improvement tomorrow. Technological development is rushing, and we quickly respond to the needs of the environment. We provide a wide range of Facility Management services: from supporting customers in the technical maintenance of dispersed commercial facilities, through ensuring the efficiency of HVAC and IT devices, to energy optimization services thanks to our own IT systems – says Sławomir Halbryt.

We focus on development outside Poland through the “Partnerships and Acquisitions Programme” and the “Organic Development Operational Programme”.

Western European countries are a stable business area, offering higher margins, which is why we want to develop there through acquisitions and partnerships (except DACH – German-speaking countries). We want to develop the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, DACH and Scandinavia in an organic way. Our customers, after conducting pilot projects or successful implementations in one market, extend their cooperation with us to other facilities and countries – adds Sławomir Halbryt.