How to effectively monitor the work schedule of devices and systems in 2023? Basic Energy Manager tools

Record surge in electricity costs, tense geopolitical situation, constantly growing inflation, as well as tightening EU regulations on carbon dioxide emissions – these are the challenges that entrepreneurs will face in 2023. You can prepare for them thanks to our energy consumption planning and monitoring system, which saves from 10 to 30% of your costs per year.

The rising inflation, the armed conflict in Ukraine, and an increase in the transmission tariff of the system operator – all these factors have an impact on electricity prices. Already in December 2022, the government in Poland decided on yet another increase. Small and medium-sized enterprises can count on fixed electricity prices in 2023, but what will happen after that? What about those for whom fixed prices do not apply? One thing is certain, electricity is getting more expensive.

The answer to this problem are telemetry systems whose main role is to monitor electricity consumption. The solution allows for subsequent analysis and optimization of energy consumption costs in facilities. In combination with professional energy consulting, your company can reduce its costs by up to 30% per year.


What does the Energy Manager do?

Energy Manager helps enterprises manage their electricity consumption to ensure maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost and to minimize CO2 emissions.

At Sescom, we successfully run projects in the area of energy efficiency. We analyze energy supply contracts of various operators, adapt their parameters to the actual needs of a given client, monitor the actual energy consumption and, on this basis, plan optimization activities. This gives us the basis to generate real savings for our customers and reduce carbon footprint emissions – says Bartłomiej Gawin, Director of Energy and Digital at Sescom SA.

Electricity management helps to generate savings and to prevent failures. All this can be achieved thanks to SES Control, our own system for constant monitoring and verification of the operation of devices.

The telemetry system we use is a reliable ally in monitoring energy consumption. In combination with Sescom Intelligence analytical tools based on artificial intelligence algorithms, we can integrate the flow of data from various, distributed SES Control systems. We combine the collected information and numerical data into reports and predictions that later help us optimize the operations of the outlets, without compromising the comfort of their use – adds Sławomir Halbryt, CEO at Sescom SA. 


Basic Energy Manager tools

The Energy Manager tools are divided into those that enable planning and scheduling actions and those that concentrate on the monitoring of electricity consumption in real time.

The SES Control technology enables Energy Managers to monitor and analyze the electricity consumption in the facilities of our customers. The system consists of a micro server and a platform. The micro server is responsible for measuring the working time and temperature of individual devices located in the facility. These can be, for example, air conditioners, refrigerators, lighting systems or production machines. The platform, on the other hand, is used to collect and visualize the data.

The collected data is analyzed by our Sescom Intelligence tool. It offers in-depth business analyses and is based on AI algorithms. Sescom Intelligence allows us to integrate data flow from many SES Control systems, thanks to which the Energy Manager can examine energy consumption from various, dispersed facilities of a given company. The developed data helps to create reports and predictions that are used to optimize energy consumption activities in the facility. Thanks to these modern, comprehensive solutions, as well as the professional advice of the Energy Manager, customers are able to reduce their costs effectively.