We have introduced “SES Electronic Reporting Sheets” for maintenance technicians

A group of our developers has created a new solution that greatly facilitates the work of our maintenance teams. Unification of documents, automation of processes and less paper circulation are just some of the advantages of the new application. The first results are quite promising.

Our Software Engineering Office maintains the SES Support platform on a daily basis and develops new functionalities that are helpful for other departments. And that is how electronic report sheets were created for the Wrocław branch of Sescom supervising the work of maintenance teams.

The idea was based on the need to optimize the operating model based on time-consuming, manual filling in of documentation for each intervention. Illegible handwriting sometimes resulted in errors or difficulties in defining clear tasks for the entire team. The process dragged on and was a significant problem, especially for team supervisors.

“We wanted to move from manual work to an electronic solution that could be easily accessed from different places and devices. Another equally important aspect was the elimination of routine activities in favour of fully automated processes. In other words: we wanted to save time and effort and reduce the number of mistakes. The functionality will now be used by technicians and the Billing Team, while the entire operational team and, of course, the customers will benefit from it” – says Magdalena Pokorska, Project Development Manager from the Wrocław branch of Sescom.

Kamil Brodnicki’s IT team had these aspects in mind when designing the solution, which had to be easy and quick to use. The environmental aspect was also important – the reduction of paper circulation and digitization of business processes implemented in the company, bringing significant savings, and allowing for more efficient document management.

“It is now expected that documents, and therefore the data contained in them, will be available directly, at any time and from any place. Handling paper documents is becoming more and more troublesome, and it no longer meets the requirements of efficient and quick information exchange. The paperless approach reduces or eliminates the costs associated with printing, storing and destroying documents” – Anna Wodecka, Leader of the Project Settlement Team in Wrocław, sums up.

The design process itself began with an analysis of the requirements and expected functionalities. On this basis, the Wrocław team prepared a prototype, which, after implementation, was tested internally, and then – tested with the customer. The next stage was implementation. The whole adventure took 6 months. Currently, the system is already operational, but it is still being developed and modified on an ongoing basis to best serve its users.

Ultimately, the introduction of electronic report sheets will optimize operational processes in many respects. First, the automation of system activities will improve working time registration, warehouse settlements, operations on commercial and deposit equipment, and above all, reporting to the customer. As a result, all processes will be carried out quickly and efficiently and without the risk of errors characteristic of paper documents. The introduction of electronic report sheets has the potential to significantly improve operational processes. According to the creators, it will also help to save time, increase efficiency and improve the quality of work. The application will speed up information flow, and get data quickly to the customer.

E-sheets allow us to efficiently fill in documentation about the maintenance performed. They work like mobile apps but use a browser link (a URL). This is a deliberate procedure – which allows to avoid the costs of maintaining another technological solution. After taking the notification, the technician goes to the site and enters all the data in the electronic sheet during the intervention, selecting the appropriate parameters – as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Next, the application automates activities such as scanning documents, keeping records of working time or describing the intervention itself. It also improves the quality of documentation, unifies information in notifications and facilitates the maintenance of a deposit base for the customer.

Sescom hopes that soon e-sheets will become the basic form of reporting for technicians. We also imagine e-sheets could improve cooperation with external partners and subcontractors.

Currently, the application is in the testing phase – it has not been released for the entire group of technicians just yet. Selected employees are now testing the interface, its compatibility with their needs, and are search for possible performance problems. They also check whether there are appropriate fields and options for entering information and the necessary tools. At the same time, the operations team validates the data entry process, such as customer information, problem descriptions, diagnoses, repairs, and other task details. It also checks if the generated report sheets are accurate and formulated adequately.

“Technicians who test the application quickly got used to it and are reluctant to use the previous forms of reporting. We get feedback that if there is a need to prepare a report sheet on paper, they even see it as a step backwards. From the beginning of tests, they have noticed the potential of the e-sheet and brought in a lot of ideas themselves” – Anna Wodecka evaluates the implementation of the project so far.

“Electronic Reporting Sheet” was recognized with the Gold Team Award for its outstanding contribution to innovation at Sescom. Congratulations!

Marta Dworak