Sescom’s RFID Partnership with Portuguese Retail Leader Expands to 3.400 Polish Locations

Sescom has recently entered into a contract with a prominent international group operating in the Food Distribution and Specialised Retail sectors, based in Portugal. This agreement pertains to a substantial RFID project spanning over 3.400 stores across Poland.


The scope of this contract encompasses the deployment of RFID technology and asset inventory management utilising Sescom’s proprietary SES Matic software application. SES Matic is specifically designed for the automatic identification of tagged assets, thereby revolutionising the efficiency of retail operations. This solution allows for streamlined inventory processes, reducing the need for extensive manpower and significantly shortening the time required for stocktaking.


RFID technology facilitates remote identification of objects through radio waves, offering a multitude of advantages for both store and warehouse operations, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. RFID is a pivotal component of robust fixed asset management strategies.


Sławomir Halbryt, our President of Sescom, explains, “Labels affixed to items emit radio signals, which are captured and interpreted by a reader. Depending on the device model, it can read hundreds of labels within mere seconds. The collected data is transmitted to a centralised database, where it can undergo various analyses, including asset valuation and report generation. The utilisation of RFID technology during inventory procedures ensures a smoother and error-free record-keeping process.”


RFID technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining an optimised purchasing and logistics ecosystem. By implementing RFID, businesses gain comprehensive insights into their assets and fixed resources. This not only saves time but also minimises the risk of errors. With RFID, the company’s assets are systematically tracked, making them accessible to both administrative and financial departments.


“It is worth noting that RFID technology, coupled with our SES Matic system, provides a detailed history of the location of each asset and equipment item. This feature is immensely beneficial for tracking the movement of critical equipment items, such as cash registers or scales, as well as their rotation or replacement. Another significant aspect is the ability to establish a database of asset values and conditions for accounting purposes, and to create an event management system based on RFID technology identification,” – Sławomir Halbryt.


Sescom has been developing the RFID technology for 5 years now, along with the tagging and inventory application, as part of their Technological Facility Management business line. Our pilot customers have lauded the tangible benefits, particularly in terms of time and cost savings, resulting from the implementation of this technology. Moreover, the project implementation process, even within an extensive network of facilities, is characterized by its swiftness and efficiency. 


The optimisation of logistics processes subsequently shortens the supply chain, augments operational efficiency, and renders asset management more profitable. Furthermore, the integration potential of RFID technology with other systems, such as anti-theft gates, enhances security and provides a comprehensive solution for asset management and protection. This seamless integration allows for continuous tracking and monitoring of assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to retirement.


Beyond its role in streamlining inventory management, RFID technology offers an array of benefits for businesses. It aids in preventing losses attributed to theft or misplacement by offering real-time tracking and immediate alerts. Additionally, it supports more precise forecasting and inventory replenishment, mitigating the risk of overstocking or under-stocking.


RFID technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the customer experience. Retailers can leverage this technology to offer innovative services like self-checkout kiosks, automated inventory replenishment, and personalised promotions based on real-time data analysis. These enhancements contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The implementation of Sescom’s RFID solution across thousands of retail stores in Poland underscores a commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency and asset management. As technology continues to evolve, it presents new possibilities for businesses to further optimise operations and deliver enhanced value to customers.