About the company

We redefine the role of Facility Management on the Retail Chain Store market.

Our core business, since the company was founded in 2008, has always been technical support for chain facilities. The market is constantly changing dynamically, especially due to digital transformation. This is why our offer is regularly updated and expanded – yet it is always based on the same core competences – effective management, expert technical knowledge and the successful integration of multiple technologies.

At Sescom, we see how Facility Management is evolving to support chain stores to an increasingly greater extent. It is now not only about ensuring operational effectiveness, but also helping to differentiate brands and supporting business development. We combine safety, wide-scale operations and high quality-standards with custom made projects and creative solutions.

We are courageous, dynamic and compact. We go beyond the norm, aim high and always achieve our goals.

Revenue in last financial year (mln EUR): 34
Net profit of FM Segment in last financial year (mln EUR): 0,94
Foreign sales share in the revenues: 27,1%

We have already delivered our solutions to over 40 000 chain facilities in Europe.

We specialise in providing services in the following sectors:

  • Retail
  • Banking/insurance
  • Fashion stores
  • Telecommunication
  • HoReCa
  • Device producers
  • Gas stations

Basic Information

Company: Sescom – joint-stock company
Address of Registered Office: al. Grunwaldzka 82, 80-244 Gdańsk, Poland
Registry Court: District Court Gdańsk – Północ in Gdańsk, 7th Commercial Division of the National Court
Register under KRS number: 0000314588
Date of Registration: 29th September 2008   Share Capital: 2 100 000 PLN
Sector: Facility Management for Chain Businesses


Shareholder Series Number of shares Share of total capital Total number of votes Share of total votes
JSH Fundacja Rodzinna A1,A2,B 1 005 875 47,90% 1 755 875 61,61%
ALFA 1 CEE Investments S.A., SICAV-SIF D 395 000 18,81% 395 000 13,86%
Sławomir Kądziela A2, C 241 588 11,50% 241 588 8,48%
Adam Kabat A2, C 159 095 7,58% 159 095 5,58%
Sescom own shares A2, C, D 50 815 2,42% 50 815 1,78%
Others below 5% A2, C, D 247 627 11,79% 247 627 8,69%
Total 2 100 000 100% 2 850 000 100,00%


Sławomir Halbryt

CEO, Founder of Sescom S.A.

Sławomir Halbryt, a businessman and charismatic visionary, is responsible for setting our future direction at Sescom, identifying and coordinating strategic tasks.
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Magdalena Budnik

Board Member, Chief Financial Officer

Magdalena Budnik is responsible for the development and implementation of financial strategy and budget, and jointly for strategic planning and management in Sescom.
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Sławomir Kądziela

Board Member, Chief Business Development Officer

With years of experience in Facility Management and sales strategies, Sławomir Kądziela is responsible for the expansion of Sescom and the development of its service portfolio.
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Marek Kwiatkowski

Board Member

With over 20 years of professional experience in managerial positions in the retail industry, he is responsible for optimizing Sescom’s operations and its further dynamic development.
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Supervisory Board

Sescom Development Strategy