Hydrogen – technological maturity. Sescom partners the 2nd edition of the Polish Conference on Hydrogen Energy and Technology

Hydrogen is a modern, environment-friendly energy carrier, which has been increasingly dynamically contributing to the revolution in the industry, energy sector and transport.

The Sescom Group have supported hydrogen initiatives since 2012 – as the Founding Member of the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies and Clean Coal Technologies, Member of the Consortium established for the implementation of the “BioHyMet” scientific and research project and owner of three patents for device sets aiming at production of pure H2 and practical use of hydrogen technology for home heating, for which water will be the basic fuel.


On October 1st, the second international conference devoted to hydrogen took place in the Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, organised by the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies and Clean Coal Technologies. Members of the cluster include, among others Sescom SA and, SDC Sp. z o.o. being part of the Capital Group. The task and mission of the Cluster is to actively work to promote hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies and to support cooperating entities in the field of innovative solutions. Polish Conference on Hydrogen Energy and Technology has brought together members of business and scientific environments, as well as other stakeholders who wanted to gain knowledge about the development of the latest scientific projects and influence of hydrogen technologies on improving quality of the environment. The meeting was participated by, among others, Mr Sławomir Halbryt, President of the Management Board of Sescom SA, Mr Marek Gołębiewski, constructor and co-author of patents, employed at technical support of Sescom S.A. and Mr Artur Baranowski, Works Realization Director as part of stages II and III of the “BioHyMet” project on the side of BCTT SA.


During the event, topics covering not only hydrogen use in the industry and transport were discussed, but the participants were also informed about important legislative issues concerning exploitation of the element. It was also possible to discover the first mass produced car supplied with energy originating from a hydrogen fuel cell.


The culmination of the conference consisted in signing the declaration of the Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley initiative, one of the signatories of which was Mr Sławomir Halbryt, President of the Management Board of Sescom SA and the Pomeranian Regional Economic Chamber representing the entire Cluster:

 – The Cluster is entering a new stage of its development. After many months of concept works and consultations within the cluster and the Pomeranian Voivodeship self-government, we are starting a pioneering program at the national scale. We are building on the models, which work well in Western Europe. We want to enter the financing stream prepared by the European Union in a new perspective. What is more, the Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley Programme responds to a number of challenges, such as global warming. The cluster includes representatives of technology companies, ready to face the requirements of the program and provide the necessary amounts of “green” hydrogen.

The objective of the Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley is to create conditions which will enable transport based solely on hydrogen obtained from renewable energy sources. The “Hy-way to Hel” project aiming at obtaining this goal, is set to build an ecosystem which will provide a minimum of 2000 tons of pure hydrogen for public transport and will establish hydrogen sea and rail transport to the Hel Peninsula.

Hydrogen is a mature technology – it is characterized by high safety and it has been successfully applied in Polish industry. Its expansion will not only enable innovative development of such companies as Sescom, but it will also efficiently limit carbon dioxide emissions, influencing the air quality and environmental protection.