Hydrogen – the fuel of the future

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On Monday, the 11th of December, in LOTOS Group seat in Gdańsk there was a meeting of Pomeranian Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies and Clean Energy Technologies which unites commercial companies and institutions active in this area. Its co-founders are Capital Group LOTOS, Sescom S.A. and the Regional Economic Chamber of Pomerania.

The Cluster which started its activity in August this year has a mission to initiate actions towards increasing the importance of hydrogen technologies and clean energy technologies through the support of Cluster’s members and entities supporting the development of innovative solutions concerning energy effectiveness and low-carbon economy. The Cluster’s members will cooperate in the field of information exchange, building common economic connections, service and technology, collaboration with national and international organizations and cluster networks, education and promotion. Scientifically-developmental projects as well as common investments will be introduced under the patronage of the Cluster.

Sławomir Halbryt, Chairman of the Regional Economic Chamber of Pomerania, which functions as a Cluster’s coordinator and administrative support, also Chairman of the Board at one of the membership firms – Sescom S.A., shows what possibilities the initiative provides for the companies.

– Within the Cluster there will be Scientifically-Developmental Center and Technology Transfer Platform which are going to support progress of technological projects and later on testing and verifying solutions. New entities are allowed to join the Cluster. We expect the membership to expand systematically and together we will be working on the development of the hydrogen sector in Pomerania – says Chairman Halbryt.

We kindly encourage to watch the video with Sławomir Halbryt presenting the Cluster’s assumptions and plans.

*The video was made in cooperation with Regional Economic Chamber of Pomerania, LOTOS Group and Sescom S.A.