Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the optimization of business processes through the use of new technologies, especially IoT (Internet of Things). In practice, this means the implementation of solutions at the customer’s facilities based on microdevices and an extensive IT infrastructure.

Automation of Stock Management

The choice of stock often determines the effectiveness of sales – but the trick is in the availability of the most popular products, and those most quickly disappear from store shelves. Today, you can track their location in real-time and make up for shortages without continuous shop inspections or night inventories involving multiple employees at a time. Our original Sesmatic solution based on the RFID technology enables remote identification of objects via radio waves. Products are marked with special labels (tags), which makes counting, localizing, and identifying faster and more efficient. As a result, the accuracy of the stocktaking process increases by more than 25% and is 80% faster, while theft and misplacement decrease by up to 33%, which is confirmed by the EKN-Kurt Salmon RFID in Retail Survey.

Prediction systems based on IT infrastructure

Modern tools that aggregate and analyse product data work both within and between stores. With accurate inventory and inventory flow information, employees will be able to make best decisions about deliveries, goods shifting, shipments, changes in the appearance of the store and the ways stock is presented. The system uses dedicated IT infrastructure in all facilities of a given network, thanks to which it is possible to monitor not one but many objects in real-time.

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    Pilot Phase

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    Support in the selection and mainentance of equipment

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    Savings through process audits

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    Tailored solutions

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    Staff training