Optimization of energy consumption

Measurement and monitoring of electricity consumption are a good way not only to save money, but also to prevent breakdowns, verify the efficiency of equipment and their work schedules or to strengthen environmental activities. A wide service network and our own SES Control technology that supports it enable us to effectively assist customers in digitizing energy consumption data in their facilities.

Solution package

SES Control is used for ongoing monitoring of energy consumption. This solution consists of a micro server and a platform. The micro server measures, among others, the operating time and temperature of individual devices located on the premises (such as air conditioners, refrigerators or lighting), and the platform collects and visualizes the data for easier analysis.

In-depth BI analysis – Sescom Intelligence

For customers who have decided to use additional analytics, we integrate data flow from various systems (including SES Control), and then analyse the collected numerical information and prepare reports and predictions that help optimize the operation of facilities without compromising the comfort of their customers. It is possible because we have created  a proprietary platform – Sescom Intelligence. Thanks to our advice, retailers reduce their costs by up to 30%.

10% - 30%

Savings in electricity consumption


Number of facilities using our Energy Efficiency Management services

  • 01

    Data-based management support

  • 02

    Scale of project adjusted to requirements

  • 03

    Integration of variable meters and technologies on individual basis

  • 04

    Precise measurements

  • 05

    Analysis and visualisation of multiple data sources

  • 06

    Data security