Retail networks are not only by global business but also individual outlets. We tailor cooperation to the scale of your operations. We solve problems and support customers in decision-making processes across Europe, using our original technological solutions.

Knowledge and experience

We have possessed the technical expertise necessary to help customers manage their network facilities in terms of HVAC, refrigeration, electricity, and construction solutions. We provide secure and comprehensive solutions, basing on our long-term experience with retail and service facilities. We create and develop our own IT solutions. As our experience has shown that all of our customers operate in their own individual manner, we adjust our cooperation model to their needs.

Original solutions

One of our leading solutions is an IT platform called SES Support. It is used to report failures, outages and other technical issues on-line. Above all, it facilitates the communication process between customers, retail units, and ourselves, leading to improved service quality.

Apart from this, our customers have access to a mobile application – SES Mobile, which is particularly effective with individual outlets. Through this app, you can effortlessly create a report, describe a problem and take a picture of e.g. damaged equipment, which saves employees time. Moreover, the app allows you to track ticket status so that you can check if the service is on the way.

Innovative data analysis     

Since the beginning of Sescom, we have collected data from the Facility Management area in various systems. Yet, it is not access to data but the intelligent analysis of it that serves as a source of comprehensive knowledge best management decisions are based on. That is why we are constantly improving our original Sescom Intelligence system and our SES BI platform – to better explore the relationships between various kinds of data: financial, technical and on energy consumption. We generate more than 400 reports for our clients each year and create a preliminary recommendation on what directions efficient management of a given network should take.

40 000

Facilities maintained

1 400

Current maintenance actions

  • 01

    Widespread geographical coverage

  • 02

    Consistently up-to-date technical and engineering knowledge

  • 03

    Specialised SES Support software for managing the entire process, including ticketing and budgeting

  • 04

    Access to full information with regards to all services in maintained facilities, also via mobile

  • 05

    Multilingual coordination and 24/7 support

  • 06

    Settlements based on quality – SLA and KPI, satisfaction index, level of budget implementation, etc.