IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure and its proper integration are important elements that support the smooth functioning of network facilities. We deliver, implement, integrate and service safe and effective solutions. We look after the operation of devices such as servers, computers, printers, mobile devices, and others. We implement warehouse and POS systems. We operate telecommunications and low-current installations. We supply, assemble and run computer equipment. We deploy and maintain network solutions and applications. We provide logistics and warehouse service with the maintenance of service components and replacement equipment.

Audio-visual communication

Multimedia are becoming ubiquitous. For this reason, it is worth ensuring the implementation and maintenance of digital signage and audio-video equipment. We will select appropriate multimedia such as board menus, display monitors, transparent and LED screens, info kiosks and even holograms, taking care of installation, implementation, and correct operation of the devices, too. All the technologies we provide improve the effectiveness of sales, enabling simple management of advertising content and a diversification of the purchase process.

Support and individual approach

We are happy to share knowledge and advise customers on the selection of appropriate equipment, systems, and applications. We make projects and dedicated structures for the implementation of digital signage. In both retail and services, customers increasingly often need the online and offline offers to be connected, which is why it is so important to implement new technologies. We offer assistance to our customers not only in finding the best solutions for them, but also to support their further development.

3 400

Tickets monthly

90 000

Devices we maintain

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    A wide-reach network of IT specialists - technicians and engineers

  • 02

    Fast reactions, 24/7 support and help-desk

  • 03

    Managing the service via a dedicated IT system - ongoing monitoring, effective communication and secure access to full information supporting your business

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    ITIL good practices

  • 05

    Multimedia technologies to improve sales

  • 06

    Implementation of digital signage solutions

  • 07

    Projects based on multi-channel shopping experience