Nationwide maintenance service and supplier of forklifts trucks providing comprehensive solutions in logistics.

As part of the Sescom Group, we provide you with a specialized entity in the field of supply and maintenance of warehouse vehicles.

Our services are:

– sale of new and used vehicles,
– short and long-term rental,
– technical maintenance

for forklifts trucks and warehouse lifts.

We have many years of experience and expert competence in serving network clients, logistics centres as well as industry.

Sales of forklifts

We offer a wide selection of new and used forklift trucks.

Our offer includes both brand new forklifts and pre-owned vehicles after comprehensive regeneration under the supervision of technical specialists, with a full, long-term warranty provided.

Until the order is completed, we provide a replacement forklift truck.

Comprehensive maintenance and repair service for warehouse vehicles guarantees our customers’ safety

– We operate 7 days a week – we are a fully available and trustworthy partner.
– We provide our clients with full formal and legal supervision over the entire process of machinery park audit by the Office of Technical Inspection.
– We respond within 4 hours of receiving the report.
– Thanks to reliable spare parts suppliers, we deliver parts within 24 hours.
– We provide a replacement forklift truck in the case of longer repairs.
– We buy used equipment.

Short- and long-term rental throughout Poland

– We offer forklift trucks rental tailored to the customer’s needs.
– Our forklift trucks are covered by a full range of technical maintenance services.
– We offer a wide range of machines designed for various types of tasks.

What makes us special?

– nationwide service network,
– wide range of supported brands,
– fast response time – up to 4 hours,
– comprehensive service for network customers,
– experience and qualifications of service technicians,
– good value for money.


Joanna Drażdżewska
Business Development Manager
M +48 721-342-236

  • 01

    14 years of experience

  • 02

    over 450 loyal customers

  • 03

    over 7,000 vehicles under maintenance-and-repair care

  • 04

    over 12,500 service orders per year