Search for unconventional solutions

Observing the growth of digitalization and actively reaching for the latest solutions, we can bring benefits to our customers. Sescom Innovation Lab is constantly improving both external and internal processes.

Cooperation with start-ups

Openness to innovation and cooperation with start-ups from different countries allows us to create unusual solutions for our customers. Sharing knowledge with young imaginative companies is not only an opportunity to invest in development but, above all, it is a hunt for technological solutions and devices that apply the IoT concept and will surely benefit our customers.

Sescom has recently become a partner of the Polish Brinc ScaleUp program, run by Brinc accelerator, which originates from Hong Kong and has branches on several continents. Brinc ScaleUp is an initiative providing new innovative technology solutions to companies through close cooperation between them and start-ups. With this partnership, Sescom Innovation Lab has the opportunity to explore the global potential of IoT start-ups and share experience with them. The acceleration benefits both parties – the mature companies and the start-ups. Cooperation with a stable enterprise allows young businesses to test original solutions in corporate context. This is a process where creativity and bold solutions have a chance to confront themselves with market experience and industry realities.

Sescom Innovation Lab is open to cooperation in data acquisition, energy efficiency, supply chain optimization, warehouse management, new developments and improvements in HVAC as well as hydrogen energy.

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    Observation of technological trends in the world

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    Testing solutions based on IoT

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