On March 20th 2018 Sescom S.A. will make its debut on The Warsaw Stock Exchange

Sescom will join 477 other companies currently listed on the main market by making its debut on GPW (Warsaw Stock Exchange) and will be the first company to do so this year.

Currently the company is listed on the alternative market NewConnect where it has been listed since May 2013.

Following shares will be introduced to /// GPW: 750 000 A2 series, 50 000 B series, 100 000 C series and 450 000 D series shares. Sescom has not issued new shares due to the fluctuations in the market quotations.

– From the moment the company was founded, one of our main goals was to debut on the market – first NewConnect, then GPW. Thanks to almost 5 years of listing on NewConnect we have learned the stock exchange market very well. Now we are entering a new stage in the history of Sescom. The doors are open for us for a further, even faster development – says Sławomir Halbryt, the founder and CEO of Sescom S.A.

The IPO (initial public offering) of Sescom on the main market will not only additionally strengthen the main business goal of the company – further expansion abroad, but will also ensure even stronger competitive position and relations with the market environment.