We address every individual chain store’s needs with customisable tools.

Years of experience in Facility Management services for thousands of chain stores has given us a wealth of understanding on how they should be supported with the dedicated IT tools. SES Support has been built upon this experience. It is an IT platform integrating all actions, information and communication in one spot. Starting from reporting an emergency in a store, through planning and executing operations, to reporting and analysis – the entire process, on a large scale is managed by one system. SES Support can be an integral part of our Facility Management service or a dedicated platform exclusively for your use. Each dedicated project is custom made, based upon our standard system version, individually adapted to your needs.

  • An IT system designed for chain Customers
  • Effective communication and instant access to full information, also via a mobile app
  • Managing the entire process in one place
  • Full control, reporting and data analysis
  • Lower FM costs and optimised operations
  • Dedicated system version available