Sescom Sports Team – activity and motivation

Passion and commitment are values that we cultivate within our organisation, but, on top of that, we wanted to provide support to a greater extent. That is why in 2015 we created an original form of employee benefit at Sescom – Sescom Sports Team.


The aim of this internal initiative is to support the physical activity of our employees. Both those who train professionally, for whom sport is something more than a hobby, and those who treat physical exercise as a way of spending free time, have a chance.

We know that supporting employees in aspects that are not necessarily connected with work can bring measurable benefits to both parties. We did not expect that the initiative will be so positively received and will lead to the podium at tournaments of national rank, and later also to competitions on international level.

During the four years of SST’s operation, its charges took part in many sports events, including: the Gdańsk Business Run charity relay, the Color Run in Gdynia, Runmageddon, and triathlons: Triathlon Ironman Gdynia, Triathlon 5150 Warsaw, Color Run in Gdynia, Castle Triathlon in Malbork, and finally in the series of World Tour tournaments in beach volleyball.


2019 was particularly fruitful for us. Our employees took part in as many as 20 competitions in various sports disciplines. They were most successful in the volleyball field, taking part in national and international competitions. Out of 10 tournaments, they were 4 times in top 3. We also participated in triathlons, regardless of distance and weather conditions, our team always reached the finish line. We also saw how many types of activities arouse interest among the company’s employees and to which they devote most of their free time.

Our football team is active throughout the season, just like our riders who spend their free time in the stable and on the manege. Sport means health, it increases the production of endorphins called happiness hormones, so it affects the well-being. Physical activity means taking care not only of the body, but also of the character – to achieve good results, you have to be consistent and persistent. Sport also allows you to get away from everyday life and get to know people from completely new environments, thanks to whom you can broaden your horizons.


After four years of Sescom Sports Team activity, we understood that this is not only another benefit for the employees, but also an opportunity to get to know them from a completely different perspective. SST gave us the opportunity to create united teams outside the walls of the company and a reason to be proud of both successes and commitment. We are realistic about the idea of work-life-balance, SST is an impulse to create and implement more and more new projects, thanks to which we get to know completely different interests of people who work with us all the time.