Our technical knowledge on chain facilities and the retail market allows us to fully support our customers by going through the digital transformation in a safe way.

The ongoing process of using technology to improve the existing processes such as product presentation, queuing, checkouts, etc. will quickly evolve. Retail will soon be working intensively on implementing more innovation, influencing consumer experiences, differentiation, increasing service quality and employer productivity, optimising logistics. The market will be more and more disruptive with the growing number of threats requiring flexibility. To support our customers as they undergo the digital transformation we have created Innovation Lab – a UK based unit responsible for technology market monitoring and building alliances with start-ups, which are now one of the key factors speeding up the next industrial revolution. Innovation Lab combined with our widespread technical services allow us to be a reliable consultant who will not only advise which technologies to choose, but will also take responsibility for implementing, maintaining and optimising them. We work with our customers individually on choosing solutions supporting their specific goals.