Retail chain businesses need to be addressed both on a local and global scale.

We provide comprehensive expert knowledge on HVAC, cooling, electrical installations and devices as well as general-construction, repairs and other specialised technical services. We concentrate specifically on chain facilities. With many years of experience in working with network customers, we know that it is equally important to deliver timely services to a local store as it is to think globally about the business and its operations, quality control, work coordination and execution, investments and budget requirements. We know each customer has their individual business model, processes, equipment and technology. We work closely with our customers to find the best individualised solutions. We provide wide-spread reliable services as well as flexibility in adapting our service to the customer specific needs.

38 000

Facilities maintained

1 400

Current maintenance actions

  • 01

    Widespread geographical coverage

  • 02

    Consistently up-to-date technical and engineering knowledge

  • 03

    Specialised SES Support software for managing the entire process, including ticketing and budgeting

  • 04

    Access to full information with regards to all services in maintained facilities, also via mobile

  • 05

    Multilingual coordination and 24/7 support

  • 06

    Settlements based on quality – SLA and KPI, satisfaction index, level of budget implementation, etc.